Company details

Wind And Water Technology
Guldagervej 56
6710 Esbjerg V

Owner: Peter Jakobsen

Accountancy: Bettina Rønn Jakobsen

VAT no.: 31106540

Bank details

Nordea Bank Denmark A/S.
Esbjerg Department.
Kongensgade 44-48.
DK-6700 Esbjerg.

IBAN: DK0620003489658800
Reg. no.: 2540
Account no.: 3489 658 80

Wind And Water Technology’s vision and core values help to define the culture of the company, motivating ourselves to give our best and instilling in our clients confidence that we deliver solutions of the very highest quality having focus on our customers’ needs and still focus on both efficiency and environmental friendly solutions.

  • Our vision
    To be the outstanding supplier of technical solutions in our focus area, the industrial market, using partnerships.
  • Our mission
    We deliver technical solutions for industrial market with focus on the environmental and the enhancement of the economy.
  • Our customers
    We see typically our customers being Industrial manufacturing plants, metal and plastics forming industries, pulp and paper, steel and aluminium processing plants, power plants, companies who manufacture cooling systems, heat transfer systems, boilers, etc.
  • Our partners
    We built strong partner relationships with our partners in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time for the customer. We utilize these partnerships to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all paradigms, which allow us to make the proper decisions with our clients for their business advantage.