Wind And Water Technology (Denmark) is partners with Sitelab Corporation (USA) for the sales and distribution of the new handheld UVF-500D analyzer, now available worldwide. 

The UVF-500D is manufactured for Sitelab by Turner Designs, Inc. in San Jose, California.  For over 45 years, Turner Designs has been the global leader manufacturing the best and highest quality fluorescence-based laboratory instruments on the market.  Turner’s instruments are rugged, reliable and are used for a wide range of applications. 

For over 20 years, Sitelab has been the industry leader in providing portable hydrocarbon field analyzers to the petroleum, environmental and soil remediation markets.  Sitelab is a small business focused on hydrocarbon analysis using UVF technology.  Sitelab’s laboratory develops methods, improves products and services the UVF-500D.  Each analyzer is calibrated and tested for quality control.  Test kits and other supplies available used with the equipment ensures customers get accurate, reliable test results. 

Wind And Water Technology has more than 35 years experience in both the on and offshore oil and gas market and related industries.  Wind And Water Technology is a flexible, dynamic company with focus on the customer’s needs and satisfaction.  Wind And Water Technology’s strong team understand the customer’s applications, problems and solutions for monitoring petroleum hydrocarbons in water.

The UVF-500D is the lowest cost, easiest to use, most accurate tool on the market.  Wind And Water Technology, Sitelab and Turner Designs – together – are 100% committed and take great pride in providing our customers with the best products and support possible.

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