EZ Access Falling Stream Flow Cell

The new EZ Access Falling Stream Flow Cell provides easy access for window cleaning and Emission Filter change out from the front without any disassembly.

Retrofit for all Falling Stream Flow Cells on TD-4100XD, Easier access with same great performance:

  • EZ Access for Easy Cleaning.
  • EZ Access for Easy Optical Filter Change.
  • Protection Against Enclosure Flooding From Plugged Drain Lines up to 100 psig.
  • EZ Access Flow Cell Retrofit Kit Includes:
  • Complete EZ Access Flow Cell.
  • New CheckPOINT Solid Calibration Check Standard.
  • New Optical Filter Kit to Match your Configuration.
  • Two Lamps to Match your Configuration.
  • EZ Access Installation Instructions.

Please include Serial #’s of your existing instruments to insure correct optical configuration of kit.