Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments have introduce the TD-550 and TD-560 oil in water sample analysis.
The two instruments includes many new features and benefits providing simple operator interaction, superior
detection capabilities, increased linear range, and low cost.


  • Detection of crude oils, gas condensates, diesel, lube oils and many other hydrocarbons at low ppb levels.
  • Detection of BTEX at low ppm levels.
  • Wide linear range–up to 5000 ppm possible.
  • Large full‐color touch screen allows:
    • Simplified calibration procedure–reducing work flow.
    • Storage for multiple calibrations and site locations.
    • Data logging–records each sample analyzed with time stamp, location and results, which allows for fast and simple review.
    • Graphing capabilities–sort by date, calibration and location.
  • Low cost per sample analysis.
  • Compatible with all popular extraction solvents and TDHI’s No‐Solvent Method.
  • Results can be correlated to official lab methods such as USEPA 1664A and ISO 9377‐2.
  • External and battery powered (up to 6 hours).
  • How to instructional videos included on the TD‐550 and TD‐560 touch screen.